Best Porn Chart

Just type in ‘porn’ in Google search and it’ll give you thousands of results. You are naïve if you think that search engines know what good porn is. They’ll display the most famous adult websites or those who paid to be promoted. But does it mean they are any good? Hell no! Unlike Google, the Best Porn Chart team knows everything about porn because we are its most active consumers. Just like you, we don’t wish to waste our time on shitty, low-quality, and boring stuff. We want to benefit from the best porn sites around. If it means we must scour the entire Internet, this is what we are willing to do.

You Can Rely on Best Porn Chart Reviews

We don’t get money to put a certain porn website on our list. We are not affiliated with any of them. We don’t own any adult video websites. What you will find on is an honest unbiased opinion about digital platforms that cater to adults and their sex-related interests.

We spend our time to unearth, categorize, and rate xxx websites so that you don’t have to spend yours. We are in the same boat, after all. If we want to get freaky but a good video to match our mood doesn’t want to be found, it’s a blue-ball situation. Ouch. We decided it was time to put an end to frustration. Our team of porn enthusiasts looked through every possible adult website whether it was free or premium, homemade porn, Hentai, gay porn, Asian porn, and others. We noted their pros and cons, and if we liked what we saw, we added them to our list. So, here is our selection of top adult websites, enjoy.

How We Pick Best Porn Sites

Best Porn Chart is not some careless attempt to slap together a porn website list and call it a day. We actually spent months familiarizing ourselves with everything that the pornography industry has to offer. We did it with almost a scientific precision, cool head, and open mind. To help our list be as objective as possible, we couldn’t do without a bunch of criteria.

First and foremost, we considered how many porn titles were available. But more doesn’t mean better, so if they were of poor quality, we gave such sites a pass. You want those wet pussies to look as good as if they were right next to you, so what’s the point in staring at pixels?

Besides quantity and quality, we also took ease of navigation into consideration. If a porn site is a hot mess, how are you supposed to find what you’re looking for? So, we sift out platforms that display a poor design, fail to categorize videos, and lack search capabilities.

Free and Paid Top Adult Websites

It’s ok if you want to benefit from cheap and free thrills. But it is not ok if you have to deal with pesky advertisements. If a free porn website is overloaded with banners and pop ups, you will never see it on our list. Ads are not only annoying but also they pose a threat to your security. We don’t want your computer to catch virtual herpes when you click a questionable link. So, to make sure you access only safe porn sites, we clicked all the links for you. Rest assured, all the xxx video platforms we suggest are risk-free.

If you’re willing to spend a few bucks to get a wider selection of titles, we made reviews of the best premium porn sites as well. We considered which extras you can get for your money, how much you have to fork out to get deluxe packages, if there are exclusive offers, and so on. If a certain website offers live cams, live chats, or hot pic galleries in exchange for your money, we’ll let your know about it.